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Before adopting a cat, it is advised to ask some questions :

  • Am I available to lavish it  the care for which it  is entitled to expect from me ?

  • Have I enough patience to support  its turbulence, its  small stupidity ?

  • Am I ready to take it in holidays, in weekend  or have I anybody who can possibly take charge of it?

  • If I am not a bachelor ,  is my family  ready to welcome it ?

  • Did I estimate well the budget which it is necessary to dedicate it (litter, food, expenses veterinarians ?

The Adoption

If one is not anxious to possess a cat of race with pedigree, so much to adopt it in a refuge; it is to give it  a second luck  to be happy by finding a family of reception !

The adoption is not completely free ; she returns to about 70 euros : this sum covers the expenses of inoculation, sterilisation, tattoo and the care veterinarians ; she dissuades also the traffickers, tried "to adopt" it, to resell it in a laboratory. So it is not necessary to wonder if the companies of protection  ask for guarantees by asking some questions on the way of life or  the incomes of the future buyer.

The Purchase

There are several possibilities if one dreams about a cat of race with pedigree :

  • Go to feline exhibitions: most of the races being represented to it, it  is easy to choose, if one is not really fixed ; it is also  the occasion to meet the breeders and to inquire

  • Address a feline club to obtain breeders' addresses

  • Read the small advertisements of breeders or private individuals

  • Address the veterinarians  whose clientele often suggests cats selling or looking

  • Go to animaleries : with often  the uncertainty as for the previous history and the risk to buy a strong animal of diseases

  1. What race ?

It is a question of personal taste; but it is advised not to trust in the only physical aspect and to inquire about the peculiarity of the race before deciding.

  1. What sexe ?

One says that females are sweeter and more affectionate than males : there are exceptions ! At the time of the hot season, male or females put problems which it is necessary to know how to manage.

  1. At  what age ?

It is advised not to buy a cat of less than 8 weeks ; it should stay at least 5 weeks within the reach.

  1. At what price ?

The price is rather variable ; but one can place it between 450 and 600 euros as it is about a kitten of race with short or long hairs with pedigree. The price is easily divided by two when the kitten has a light defect, forbidding it the competitions.

  1. What precautions to take ?

In the purchase, a certificate of sale should be put handed : he should contain all the essential indications (name of the salesman, the buyer, date of the sale, the price, race of the cat, the sex, colour of dress, the date of birth, the number of tattoo, the inoculations).