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The cat has the reputation to be an accurate animal ; but the efforts to have a wash are insufficient ; it needs so attentive care: a good hygiene and a healthy environment.



HAIR : a weekly brushing, with a brush or a comb with tight teeth, is enough for the short hairs varieties ; the varieties with long hairs require a daily brushing with a comb with wide teeth, a currycomb or a brush in hairs of wild boar and, possibly, a detangling spray.

It is not necessary to neglect the brushing because it prevents the forming in the stomach of balls of hairs ingested by the cat when it licks itself.



BATH : (indispensable for the cats of exhibition) ; it is necessary to accustom the cat to the water from its youngest age ; the appeal to the bath, with a shampoo for cat only, should not be too frequent.








They need to be cleaned only if they pour : with a cotton soaked with tepid boiled water or with some water of camomile.











It is advised to examine them one time a week to eliminate, possibly, the earwax, with a cotton soaked with tepid water, or some hairs.


NOSE : it requires no particular care



MOUTH : it is good to verify regularly that there is no dental tartar: the cat which eats croquette eliminates it mechanically ; one can also rub gums with a district of lemon ; if it is important, it is necessary to make a descaling under anaesthesia by the veterinarian.



CLAWS :In the nature, the claws wear out and regenerate normally ; the cat of apartment needs a griffoir ; too long and sharp, claws should be cut with a crowbar on the condition of limiting the intervention extremely clocks (points, sticks) of these.



LITTER : naturally clean, the cat looks of instinct for a small part in the garden which it covers with ground ; in apartment, it uses a tub stocked with a litter which should be regularly renewed.






FLEAS, LOUSES AND TICKS : The first visible sign is the scratching ; the ticks should be put to sleep with some ether then be removed with a tweezers ; the risk of infection by fleas or the ticks can be limited by making carry in the cat an ant parasitic necklace; if it is already infested, one will deal with an insecticidal lotion, a powder or a shampoo, without forgetting to déparasiter the environment



ASCARIS AND TAPE WORMS : Ascaris to the kitten and the tape worm to the grown-up cat should be eliminated regularly by vermification, because they can provoke diarrhoeas, vomits and cough, slow down the growth and weaken the animal.


Before 6 months : 1 time / month against Ascaris

From 6 to 18 months : 1 time every 2 months against Ascaris and tape worms

More than 18 months: 4 times / year against tape worms