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Origins of the breed


        Majority of the domestic breeds of cats, from which Maine coon, the Manx, Russian blue and the Siamese one, result from natural breeds of domestic cats originating in a specific geographical area.

        Others, such as the Himalayan, are products of the Man, the result of crossings meticulous person until obtaining the desired breed.

        Some relatively recent breeds, such as the Rex breeds, cats with undulated hair, Sphinx without hair, Scottish Fold with the folded ears or the American cats with curly hair, were obtained by genetic change and were developed by selection to become breeds with whole share.


Criteria of breed


     Each breed of cat has criteria of perfection officially recognized by various cat-like associations which describe the model of this breed and its characteristics, which draw up the list of the acceptable or unacceptable features and make state of the defects which would be penalizing or eliminatory in the cat-like exposures :  for the   Siamese breed, the eyes must be out of almond, oblique towards the nose ; a light strabismus is penalizing and of the eyes which have a cast are an eliminatory defect.

     The standards of a breed slightly vary from one cat-like association to another and all associations do not recognize the same breeds.

     To be recognized by a particular cat-like association, a breed must first of all be accepted with a provisional statute. To be recognized like breed of competition, the breed must answer a series of requirements which differ from one association to another.


Cat-like breeds


    Approximately 40 varieties or domestic breeds of cats are universally recognized. Even if the cats take a length of completely different hair and a general form, all have, contrary to the dogs, about the same size.

    In an adult state, the kittens weigh between 2 and 3 kg while largest weigh between 7 and 9 kg. Until now, the attempts at reproduction of dwarf or giant domestic cats failed.