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The Anatolian cat (Turkish Shorthair) is a unique natural breed which finds her origin in the Anatolian region, but one can find this breed in many regions in Turkey. It is important to maintain this breed especially because of its own welfare. Many Anatolian cats have been exported and registered as Vans or Angoras. Dutch and German breeders are striving for purebred Anatolians.




It is a strong, muscular cat with back legs  longer than the front.. The Anatolian is a shorthaired cat. The coat lies smoothly to the body and has no wooly undercoat. The eyes, green, bright yellow to dark amber in conformity with the coat color, are large and a bit almond shaped; like the Turkish Van and Turkish Angora, the Anatolian cat exists in all natural colours, with and without Van markings. White cats can have blue or odd eyes (yellow and blue or green and blue).




They are affectionate and most loving cats if their human tolerates their character. The power of attraction of water to them is striking, yet more than we noticed at the Turkish Van cats. The kittens that grow up near to people are very affectionate and gentle.





One will give it a bath / month.