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It's name comes from  « Felis Bengalensis », the Asian leopard's scientific name. Bengals are originated from crossings of the  Asian Leopard Cat to the domestic cat with the object of creating a cat with an wild look and  a domestic temperament. After 4 to 5 generations, the breed was  recognized by most cat associations (TICA, ACFA, GCCF,AACE).




The Bengals are  medium to large cats ; they  are about the size of American Shorthairs. Males are often very large and heavy (10 to 14 pounds), females are smaller and lighter (8 to 10 pounds). Bengals are usually short-haired, although there are long-haired Bengals. They have spotted or marbled coats with high contrast between the pattern and background colors. They are many variations of  brown spotted tabby, including sorrel and tawny. The Snow Bengals or Snow Leopards, an ivory version of the Bengals, are sepia's or seal points, marbled or spotted. Black and blue are non accepted.




Bengals are intelligent  and affectionate cats. Their playful nature  makes them excellent companions for children. They usually adapt to other family pets; curious and funny, they enjoy playing in water; very active cats, the  Bengals demands a great deal of attention.





One will give it a bath / month.