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The Burmilla is an accidental breed from a cross of a male Silver Chinchilla and a lilac female Burmese belonging to a Baroness ; The kittens, 4 females, were so attractive that she decided to develop a new breed that had the structure of a Burmese  with the pretty silver tipped coat of the Chinchilla: the same Chinchilla mated with a Blue female Burmese which produced a single male kitten; one of these females mated with this male : they booth are the founders of the Burmilla breed. The Breeding Programme and the  Breed Standard were accepted by the CA, end 1983. In 1984, the Burmilla Cat Club was developed.




The Burmilla is a medium builded  cat ; hind legs are longer than forelegs; females are much smaller and than males; the top of the head is rounded. The eyes, from gold through to green, are very expressive. The paws are oval and the tail is medium to long. There are delicate traces of tabby markings on the head, legs and tail. The coat is short and dense; the coloured tipping at the end of the hair can be lightly tipped or shaded. Some of colors allowed are: black, blue, red, chocolate, lilac, apricot, cream, tortie, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie….




The Burmilla is a playful, sociable, and intelligent cat. It is generally good with children and even dogs. This cat loves attention and needs to be part of the family.





One will give it a bath a month.