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This breed is born in California, thanks to Paul Casey, a Californian scriptwriter, in 1971: when he came back from South Africa, he intended to create a cat similar, in appearance, to african’s leopards, but sociable, a “house-cat”. It took many years to reach this object; he crossed several domestic breeds (Siamese, Abyssinians, Manx...) and wild cats. The breed was recognized in 1986; in Europe, this breed is rare .




The California Spangled Cat is a medium shorthaired cat with a well-developed musculature ; the hind legs give the appearance that the cat is sitting back on its legs; the head has a rounded skull; the tail, moderatly long, has dark rings and a dark tip on the ground color; the eyes, gold to brown, almond-shaped, are in accordance with the coat color. The accepted colors are black, brown, blue, bronze, gold, silver, charcoal and red. The Snow Leopard (white coat) has blue eyes.




California Spangled  are active cats; they are affectionate and sociable and get along well with other cats in a household.




Weekly brushing is sufficient.