CEYLON CAT (or Gratto di Ceylon or Sri-Lankan cat)

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The Ceylon Cat is a domestic breed, originating in Sri Lanka (formely Ceylan). In 1984, Dr. Paolo Pellegatta brought the first “Gatto di Ceylon" specimens into Italy. They grew rapidly in popularity and, in 1988, the Ceylon Cat was registered as a new form of pedigree cat.




The Ceylon is a cat of medium size, compact, muscular, and well-rounded; the hind legs are  longer than the front legs; the head has round cheeks; the eyes, yellow-green, are almond shaped; its ticked coat is short, fine, but dense and silky. The Ceylon Cat has tabby markings on head, legs, neck and tail. Ticking and markings can  be blue, red, cream or tortoiseshell. The ground colors of the Ceylon are similar to the Abyssinian.




Ceylon cats are sociable and friendly.




They need only a minimal amount of grooming : brush and comb once a week.