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The Cymric is like the Manx, a cat native to the isle of Manx, a cat without a tail, but with longhair (Manx cats often give birth to longhaired kittens). In 1960s, it was brought to Canada by breeders who decided to create a longheaded Manx breed. The breed was recognized by the CCA in 1970, by the CFA in 1989, but not by the FIFE. Cymric are almost unknown in Europe.




The Cymric is a short  cat with well developed muzzle, moderate in length and width; it has a  round appearance (head, eyes, muzzle, thigs , rump, feet). Its hind legs are longer than the forelegs; the feet have 5 toes in front and 4 in back; the eyes color is conformed to the coat. The Cymric has a abundant undercoat, of medium length, dense, silky. The colors accepted are the same as the Manx.




The Cymric is friendly, affectionate, docile and active; it is playful and intelligent; it is also sociable and gets along well with the other pets.




The Cymric requires a weekly brushing.