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  1. CONTRACEPTION (pill) : it can't happen before the first heats of the female; you can give the pill to your pets in order to stop temporarily reproduction; from time to time, it is necessary to allow the normal return of heats. About the male, one uses it to limit the sexual vagrancy and other consequences.

  1. STERILIZATION : it has simultaneously the advantage and  the disadvantage of being fdefinitive.

  • Castration: the male can be operated at 9 months ; it is done under anaesthetic.

  • Ovariectomy: the female can be operated at  6 months or just after the first heats ; it is also done under anaesthesic ; 

Most of the domestic cats must be sterilized ; operated males, are definitely easier to live, less aggressive towards other cats. They stop to urinate everywhere ;  sterilized females are not prone to  infections and ovarian cysts. Sterilization has finally the advantage of avoiding with the owner being confronted with the painful decision to remove the undesirable ranges.

Sterilization is automatic for the animals of refuge proposed with the adoption : it is the single mean of avoiding the proliferation of the abandoned cats :


Every year, out of the hundreds of thousands of cats and kittens are killed because

they do not find an owner !