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The cat is a stay-at-home animal ; make it keep at home when one should go out is the best solution ; one can also confide it to breeders who take cats in pension.


If one  prefers to bring it with one, it is advised to take certain precautions:

  • In car : it can travel held in leash  behind, in his basket or in a stiff box; it is necessary to know that  many cats do not like the car ; ½ the hour before leaving, one will give it so painkiller one advised by the veterinarian and on the way, one will make it drink.

  • By train : it should travel in a bag or a basket ; it is necessary to think of buying it a ticket ( 4 - 5 euros)

  • By bus : the same precautions as for train ;  on the other hand the transport is free

  • By plane : it can travel in cabin in a stiff box but you have to warn before;  the price is calculated at fixed rate, or in the rate of the excess of journey ; the certificate of inoculation and good health should be up to date ; a tranquillizer is imperative itself