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The inoculation protects the cat against the fatal diseases.


Essential vaccines concern the rabidness, the typhoid, the chlamydeous, the head cold (or coryza) and the feline leucosis.


The rabidness : symptoms demonstrate themselves by a strong salivation, behavioural problems, infringement of the nervous system and the paralysis. The inoculation is compulsory in the contaminated departments, the campsites and on the borders.

The typhoid  of the cat  is a disease which demonstrates itself by digestive confusions, and fast dehydration.

The Chlamydeous :  is germs which participate in the problems of head cold of cats ; they provoke especially conjunctivitis, being able to become grave.

Leucosis is translated by a change of the formative centres of white corpuscles ; it is incurable.

   First Injection  Second Injection  Reminder

Typhoid  10 week   1 month later  Every year
Head cold    12 week     Every year
Chlamydeous  12 week     Every year
Leucosis    12 week   1 month later  Every year
Rabidness     12 week     Every year